Q. How Can I recover my google account with my date of birth?

How Can I recover my google account with my date of birth?

Steps to Recover Google An account with Date of Birth
Google account is a user-friendly account that allows the users to access various Google services and products, everything available at once platform. And when it comes to security the Google Platform is considered as the most secure to use and keep all the emails and documents away from malwares or others viruses.

If you are working through Google then you will get numerous different options to retrieve your email account if you are stuck while working on Google and it offers its users an option of google account recovery by date of birth, security questions, email, and through phone number which can help the user to reset the account password and access email services without any interruption.

Here mentioned few of the points which you can use to retrieve your Google Account easily using the Date of Birth

Recovering Google account by using the date of birth

Our dedicated and skilled professionals always available to help out the users with the process to recover their Google account password using the date of birth by simply following the steps mentioned above and the user can further regain access to their account.

First of all user needs to open the Gmail account
Then enter your registered email address and the last password you remembered
Now click on Forgot password and you will be now prompted to the next page
Afterwards you needto mention the email or phone number linked to the account.
Then you are required to skip all the recovery options until the birth date security questions option appears on the screen.
Further, the user needs to provide their date of birth as the answer to one of their security questions.
Now, the user needs to wait until their Google account is verified.
Once the Google account is verified, enter the new and the strong password combination of alphabet, special character, and numeric value and save the same.
Re-enter the password again and save all the changes you have made
Thus, the user can perform the steps mentioned above in order to recover the google account with the date of birth. However, because of any reason, if you are unable to retrieve the password then without wasting time get the assistance of the Google recovery team available 24*7 at your services to offer you the most authentic, quick, and reliable support of all the time.






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