Q. Which is better, new games or retro games?

Which is better, new games or retro games?

I’ve always thought about how the gaming industry has evolved. About how you can quickly make a game that looks like a retro game. The game industry is huge right now. But what remains in my memory are the games that we started to love it all. What’s your favorite?






Sep, 2022

  • annavela

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  • zizehennings

    I think the new games are better. Because there is a great variety. And if there was no development in the game industry, games would have been boring to everyone long ago.


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  • markbartra

    I think it’s hard to say what’s better and what’s worse. Because everywhere has its minuses and pluses. Those who like a pretty picture and graphics, it is certainly not necessary to spoil the psyche and play old games. Since it is a pixel graphics. And the emphasis was not on the visuals, but on the passion of the player. As for me it is much more interesting. I recently bought myself a Sega console to remember my youth. I found it on the Retro Games website. I liked the fact that the site has a large selection of different games.


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