Q. What raw materials do joiners use?

What raw materials do joiners use?






Oct, 2022

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    Joiners usually work with wood. Although they can work with basically all kinds, I would say pine is the most common for a number of reasons. It is not too impossible to source for, and it offers seriously good surfaces for finish.

    The heartwood in pine also provides natural resistance to rot and insects, this way nobody has to spend extra amount of time and resources making the wood insect repellent.

    Once wood is sourced, it is common in the joinery industry to saw them into a thickness of about 50, 63 or 75mm. Width is usually between 100 to 200 nn. It is also common practice to saw out the area around the pith just to give the product more stability in its dimensions.

    Wood with knots can also be accepted as raw material in joinery as long as they are sound knots or black knots in some cases. Loose knots are drilled out and filled with wood plugs.
    There is obviously a lot more to joinery, which is why it is always advisable to go with a professional joinery company for your woodworking needs.


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