Q. Google Sign in error on android not working?


Google Sign in error on android not working?

The Google Play Store hosts Android apps, and while there are other sources to download and install apps, it remains the most trusted destination and the default destination. You can also rent movies, buy e-books, and even music. So what would you do if Google Play wouldn’t let you sign in?

It can be frustrating to see that average Android users aren’t even aware of third-party app marketplaces, and most of them are riddled with malware and viruses. While the Google Play Store isn’t exactly free from these issues, it’s still the safest option. How to fix it?


When it comes to Android updates, the adoption rate isn’t exactly spectacular. Google often updates this graph and the results are subject to debate. Around 17% of users still have Marshmallow on their phone, which is also the highest. These operating system updates not only provide features but also critical fixes and bug fixes.

Check your internet connection using the Speed ​​Test site to make sure you have a working connection with a decent speed. It’s also a good idea to check your ISP package. If possible, connect to another Wi-Fi network and try again. See this guide for more information on using Play Store with mobile data issues.

You have a strong internet connection and other apps are working fine. It does not mean that Play Store also has internet access. You can limit internet access on an app basis. To check, go to Settings and tap Manage apps or if you have a different UI, look for a list of installed and system apps.
Search Play Store and Play Services here. First tap on Play Store.

Make sure it can access the internet on mobile data and Wi-Fi on your phone under Restrict data usage. Repeat the same process for Play Services this time.

It’s possible that a recent update or security app messed up the app’s permissions. To check, open Settings and go back to Manage apps. https://www.not-working.co/google-si...






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For hundreds of years, technology has been doing a great job in industrialising the world. You step in the land of the first world countries and see for yourself how lifestyle has been advancing. Yet, theory is a theory until it’s proven; technology remains limited. You might wake up one day and see that sci-fi turns into reality. However, what happens next when the clock ticks to ‘Midnight’ and doomsday is for the universe?

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