Q. Is there a disability employment assistant in Australia?

Is there a disability employment assistant in Australia?






Dec, 2022

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  • javierecolter

    As someone who also lives with a disability, I know how hard it can be to find an answer.

    One of the main issues I ran into when trying to find work in Australia was defining my disability. It was hard to give an employer a full picture of my capabilities because as soon as they found I was disabled, it was like they did not want to know. I understand this to a degree, but like you, I found it annoying.

    So, I reached out to atWork Australia. They are a disability employment services provider that connects employers with employees. Through an interview and vetting process, they were able to determine what kind of field I could realistically find work in. That was extremely useful as it helped me find the right employer and meant that I was working for an employer who understood my situation. That was a big relief, as previous jobs always felt like they carried an air of secrecy.

    At atWork, I learned two things: I can be very useful to society and am more skilled than I believed. My skills are in demand by an employer, and I am certain yours will be as well. For that reason, I highly recommend that you contact atWork.

    All it takes is a quick interview, and you can work out what kind of skills you have and what kind of work you might need to achieve the required skills. For me, this allowed me to find work and build belief in myself. Now, I have been working for a long enough period that I feel completely confident in myself and my abilities.


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