Q. When would you use the median instead of the mode?

When would you use the median instead of the mode?

The median and mode are different types of measures of central tendencies in math. Click Here by Lead Academy.

The Mode is the most frequently occurring or repeated number in a set of numbers or data. It tells us which value appears many times and is therefore the “most popular” among the set of numbers. For example, if you have a list of exam scores like {97,54,87,87,99}, then the mode would be 87 since it occurs most often. It’s important to note that there can be more than one mode - if our example was instead {97,54,87,87,88}, then both 87 and 88 would be considered modes.

The Median on the other hand is used when we want to determine an approximate location for which 50% of all data points lie below and 50% lie above this point thus defining the “middle” position within a dataset. It works well with ordinal data (data that has been placed into ordered categories) such as age-groups e.g 15-20 years old as well as quantitative variables like height or income level). Using our previous example score list {97 54 87 87 99} ,the median score would be 87 because half (3 out of 6) scores are lower than it while 3 scores are higher than it making up its fifty percent quota equally split between high and low values..

Thus in conclusion when dealing with ordinal data consisting mostly of integers where distributions might not necessarily follow normal curves using mean averages could produce skewed results; Median should generally prove more accurate whereas Mode should provide reliable results when dealing with datasets comprised solely from discrete values due to its ability to detect repeating states/values appearing multiple times throughout helping establish what value(s) occur frequently among them..

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Dec, 2022

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