Q. Owner rep consulting?

Owner rep consulting?

Owner rep consulting - At Leopard Project Controls, a construction scheduling company in the U.S., we assist general contractors and project owners in the Maine State with construction CPM scheduling services. If you are bidding on a new project or need CPM consulting and construction scheduling services for any of your ongoing projects, please get in touch with us to get started. We will provide you with a proposal tailored to meet your project specifications and scope of work for the contractor’s baseline CPM schedule and monthly construction schedule updates. We can assist you if you need full-time or part-time construction scheduling consultants as your site scheduling resources. We also provide free Oracle Primavera P6 and M.S. Project scheduling training to your project managers to maintain and manage their project schedules after a construction baseline schedule is prepared and approved, saving time and cost for your company.

owner rep consulting





May, 2023

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Look around you and youll see that services are everywhere. Thats the mutual relationship between producers and consumers in the market. It is provided by other people for the people. Good as saying that both get the benefit from it. When you have tried working in an environment where customers satisfaction is the top priority then you know how challenging it is to impress everyone and how to deal with the different personalities you may encounter most especially when season is approaching. Good business and good service shall never be separated.

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