Q. What photography festivals or events take place in Santa Fe, NM?

What photography festivals or events take place in Santa Fe, NM?

Santa Fe, NM, hosts several photography festivals and events throughout the year, attracting both local and international photographers, enthusiasts, and art lovers. One significant event is the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, which offer immersive photography workshops, lectures, and exhibitions. It brings together renowned photographers and industry experts, providing participants with unique learning opportunities and a platform to showcase their work. The Santa Fe International Folk Art Market also features photography as part of its diverse display of global artistry, showcasing the vibrant cultures and traditions through visual storytelling. Another notable event is the CENTER’s Review Santa Fe, an annual juried portfolio review that connects photographers santa fe nm with influential curators, gallerists, and editors, offering invaluable networking and exposure opportunities. These events highlight Santa Fe’s commitment to photography as an art form and create a dynamic space for dialogue, collaboration, and appreciation of the medium.






May, 2023

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