Q. Is interior design related to architecture?

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Is interior design related to architecture?






Jan, 2018

Accepted Answer
  • ishaan

    Yes, both the terms are related; Interior designing and architecture as a realm deal with the planning and construction of buildings.
    The basic difference is in the scope and area of work.
    The architecture includes the work on a broader scale which is modelling and making of the entire building whereas, interior design deals with only the interior of the building.
    Often when the requirements are intricate then the interior designers and architects might need to work in collaboration to attain the desired shape and structure of the building.
    Architecture is at a higher level in the hierarchy than interior designing if we consider the scope and scale of work but ultimately the aim of both of them is to make sustainable and aesthetically pleasing buildings.


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  • hasnain

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  • lewis-h

    Since both Architects and Interior Designers have a similar work profile that involves designing, people often get confused between these overlapping professions. For instance, an Architect designs the structure of a building, while an Interior Designer designs what goes inside the building.


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