About Qurito

As a child, we keep on finding ways to ask questions before we had the words. Our curiosity is rewarded with proud smiles, patient answers and, if we're lucky, the exchange of loving conversation and more questions. We learn that all understanding begins with not knowing and we keep exploring. Journey from not knowing to start knowing is beautiful. Qurito is your companion in your never-ending quest for knowledge and experiences.

Qurito is a platform for people to discover, gain and share their ideas and knowledge. The primary goal of Qurito is to deliver reliable and valuable content that is free of promotional spam or other various forms of unwanted content. As a result, the users of the platform can grow and explore in an effective and efficient manner. Qurito differs from other pre-existing knowledge based platforms in a unique way through an incentive program. Qurito incorporates a rewarding system, which rewards users for their contributions within the platform. This contribution is not limited to answers only. User will be rewarded for asking questions too. This reward system will subsequently bring out more qualitative and quantitative content that will be shared on the platform. Read the OriginalQurito Whitepaper by Karmesh Maheshwari for more details.

Research suggests Integration of the reward pathway with curiosity brings positive passion in quest with qualitative Q & A.

Mission and Vision

A platform for curious minds that are willing to ask, seek and share knowledge, ideas and views in a way that is unlike any other preexisting platform. Qurito will be a common platform for people around the globe to share their knowledge, experiences and ideas while also being rewarded for the same. The aim is to create a globalized platform where being curious and helpful can be rewarding.


On many existing platforms, there is a lack of quality content shared by people in the form of Q/A (Question and Answers), Polls and Forums. These platforms also lack structure, making it nearly impossible to quickly index and search for specific content. Lastly, when using these platforms, we never know how reliable the information is, especially because there is no incentive for giving reliable and quality feedback.


Qurito aims to solve these problems by bringing in quality content by attracting more knowledgeable, idealistic, passionate and curious people to the platform. Qurito will also reward users for their contributions to the platform as gratitude for their service, which directly increases the volume of qualitative content.