Q. How are designer and engineer different?

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How are designer and engineer different?

designer designs a thing and even engineer designs a thing, so how are they both different ??






Jan, 2018

  • franki

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  • roman

    a designer works on the priciapls within given space and aesthtic paramets in the main, with scope for variety and interpration and opinion.
    an engineer has a set of limits and has to prove the design by calculations and quantifying the controls, limits, materials etc


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  • shrenu

    If we broadly list down the type of designers then it would go like this:
    • Graphic designer
    • User experience (UX) designer
    • Photographer
    • Interior designer
    • Multimedia artist & animator
    • Art director
    • Advertising & promotions manager
    • Fashion designer
    • Film & video editor
    Whereas, the list of types of engineers will be very long to mention here.
    What I am trying to say in the basic and biggest difference is in the scope of work.
    Designers mainly deal with planning, modelling and making designs.
    On the contrary, engineers take those designs to working models.
    For instance, a graphic designer prepares the look and feel of the website and make it eye pleasing and easy to use on the other hand a programmer builds the functionality of the website and makes it a working unit.


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