Q. Did leonardo da vinchi ever met michaelangelo?

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Did leonardo da vinchi ever met michaelangelo?






Jan, 2018

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    Leonardo and Michelangelo worked on commissions that were nearly side-by-side in the Palazzo della Signoria in Florence. At least a couple sources (including Leo himself, as well as the 16th-century artist biographer Giorgio Vasari) mention their interactions or attitudes towards each other. Vasari claims that Leo and Michelangelo had a “great disdain” for each other (http://members.efn.org/~acd/vite/Vas...). Interestingly, Leonardo was also present at the meeting, in 1504, to determine the placement of Michelangelo’s David upon that statue’s completion (Leonardo favored placement in the Loggia dei Lanzi, against the wall).
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