Q. Why does nasa has no plans to send humans on mars?

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Why does nasa has no plans to send humans on mars?






Jan, 2018

  • adipurnomo

    I think it’s impossible, because it is constrained by distance


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  • ishan

    May be there is something who maybe harm humans that why nasa has no plan


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  • nbdat92

    Because the cost is too expensive, it does not bring much benefit to them


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  • vovan2029

    потому что технологии не позволяют


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  • therowlingk2

    Because it’s fake, Earth was flath :p


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  • kiaazad

    Sending humans to mars is very costly and with the recent budget cuts, NASA simply don’t have the money for it.


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  • havarti

    Because Elon Musk is handling this endeavor.


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  • ollec

    They already did. Some 10k years ago. Havent you seen the canals on Mars?


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