Q. Do black holes really exists?

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Do black holes really exists?

m so curious about black holes, there are so mysterious and amazing






Jan, 2018

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  • absolutgus

    Is there really any doubt that they do exist? Anyone who channel surfs has likely caught at least a few moments of compelling evidence from bright folks on the “Discovery Channel”. The only uncertainty recall on the last episode was how the biggest, super-massive ones form. The, of course, there’s the question of “What happens to matter that crosses the event horizon?” In fact, maybe I should post that question and see what folks think.


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  • karmesh

    I think it’s time for everyone to admit that black holes are annoying. Out there, drifting around the galaxy — with their much bigger cousins lurking in the centers of those galaxies — black holes are the ultimate paradoxes of nature, silently mocking our feeble attempts to understand them.

    By all accounts, black holes should not exist, and for a long time, they were shrugged off as mere mathematical artifacts — an annoying bug in the otherwise elegant machinery of general relativity.

    Check this out.


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