Q. Is bitcoin/crypto currency easy to use?

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Is bitcoin/crypto currency easy to use?






Jan, 2018

Accepted Answer
  • pearljam

    The concept of cryptocurrency was laid down to use it with simpicity.

    So, there is no doubt.

    There is anonymity, easy to transfer, quick , secure payment process and no restrictions therein.

    No worry to handle it and no worry to be theft.

    So, the market is boom. The future of crypto is bright.


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  • keith

    It is easy to use, however it isn’t easy to keep it safe.


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Blockchain is the backbone technology that powers cryptocurrencies. Simply put, it’s like email for money (and many other things) which anyone can access, no central authority controls, and is practically impossible to censor.
Blockchains are already beginning to transform everything in our financial system, from commerce to capital markets. It is still early days but blockchains will be as transformative as the printing press, the internal combustion engine, or even the internet itself. The exponential and disruptive growth of Blockchain will come from the convergence of public and private Blockchains to an ecosystem where firms, customers and suppliers can collaborate in a secure, auditable and virtual way.

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