Q. What is the next big mover in cryptocurrency?

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What is the next big mover in cryptocurrency?

I was trying to research the next big thing in the Cryptospace. Anyone can suggest some trending good names?






Jan, 2018

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  • kirti

    Cardano will overtake ETH in market share next year.

    What is Cardano?

    Cardano is founded by the co-founder of Ethereum, Charles Hoskinson, and has been developed to compete directly with Bitcoin and Ethereum. Cardano’s blockchain is similar to Ethereum’s mirroring the fact that decentralised applications (DAPS) and smart contracts can be built on the blockchain.

    Main reasons why its the next big thing?
    -First blockchain to be developed from a scientific philosophy, Regulatory and Compliance focus, Scaleability, Cross Chain integration

    Cardano aims to integrate with all other major cryptocurrencies without the use of a third party, which:

    1. Reduces fees that exchanges charge.
    2. Allow quicker and easier transactions across the blockchain
    3. Removes risk of a third party losing your cryptocurrencies

    There are many other points to be made about Cardano, I have covered a few of the main reasons why I believe Cardano is undervalued.


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  • kenneth98

    Conduct thorough research, read fbs reviews, and assess the broker’s reputation within the trading community. Explore forums, websites, social media platforms, and regulatory databases to gather insights, feedback, testimonials, and experiences from existing and former clients. A broker’s reputation, credibility, and track record can provide valuable insights into their reliability, integrity, and overall performance.


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  • vonagajy

    Karmesh Maheshwani is a member of this web and asked the question about the next big move in the cryptocurancy. This is for the searching some kind of next big ideas in this crypto space with the https://www.easy-essay.org/ of suggesting some good names for this as well with the expected kind of the answers.


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  • roman

    the FIAT gateway, this wil get more first time investors in to the market and increase adopation through simplicity and convenience.
    so , ethos universal wallett, crytpcurve, exchanges having FIAT pairings etc


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  • pearljam

    Undoubtly, one and only Cardano (ADA).

    Store in your wallet and check after 3 years later.

    U will be surprised.

    I already mentioned a lot of reasons in another post......

    own blockchain platform, DApp Builder,
    One of the best team, Heskell Programming language…Highly upgraded and Advanced.

    & Much More.


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  • sandunfernando

    I think its Credits(CS) Its a platform with 1 million transactions per second.


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  • cszahn0825

    I’ve been hearing a lot about cardano. I have just added this to my portfolio today.


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  • mike



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