Q. How can i make Bitcoin payments faster?

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How can i make Bitcoin payments faster?

I was trying to figure out how can i make a faster transaction maintaining low transaction costs.






Feb, 2018

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  • parker

    It depends on where the Bitcoin (BTC) is located and where it is going. Currently, BTC is expensive and quite slow compared to other cryptocurrencies. If your BTC is located on an exchange and you plan on sending it to another exchange, the fastest method would be to convert to a different cryptocurrenty (Ethereum/ETH for example) and send the allotted amount to the destination exchange if it also supports that type of currency. You could then convert back to BTC. That is assuming you are transfering between exchanges that support other currencies though. If you are trying to pay someone and they only accept BTC, you are out of luck if you are trying to meet a time crunch.


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  • newman17

    Forex trading is more of a hobby for me, so I prefer the services of a proven broker with a convenient interface. After researching rcl it seems like a good option for casual traders like me. With the low spreads and quick order execution, I’m considering trying them on my next trading session. Hope you like it too!


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  • morganlee

    newcrypto https://nomemecoin.com/ . Make strategic CryptoInvestments, focusing on projects with sustainable growth.


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  • slowchimera

    Use the lightning network



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  • jefryfam

    it actually depends on the blockchain itself in order to make the payment fast.


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