Q. What do i need to keep as mortgage against taking a home loan?

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What do i need to keep as mortgage against taking a home loan?

i dont own a home yet for which i am taking loan and i do not have anything which which is as expensive as a home






Jan, 2018

  • saleem

    In Karnataka, the emergence of online home loans has simplified the path to homeownership, placing the entire process within a few clicks. Through digital platforms, residents can effortlessly browse through loan options, calculate EMIs, and complete applications from the comfort of their homes. The convenience extends further with quick approvals and minimal documentation, streamlining what was once a complex process. This digital shift not only caters to the tech-savvy population of Karnataka but also reaches remote areas, fostering financial inclusion. With secure portals for document submissions and transparent tracking systems, online home loan in karnataka redefine accessibility and efficiency, making the dream of owning a home in Karnataka more achievable than ever before.


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  • saracron

    When it comes to taking out a home loan, you typically need to provide some form of collateral or security to the lender. This is known as a mortgage against taking a home loan. This can include assets such as property, stocks, or bonds. Additionally, for some types of home loans such as MCA loans, you may need to provide a personal guarantee.


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  • ishaan

    At present the banks providing housing loan consider certain parameter prior to providing a loan.
    • The loan applicant must have necessary government approved identity proof.
    • The loan applicant must have a bank account and should also hold credibility as a trustworthy applicant as per the regulations of the national housing finance corporation.
    • The non-movable asset that in this case, the house, must be legally registered.
    • The loan applicant could be asked to present a guarantor, who can give assurance to the bank on the applicant’s behalf that the loan will be paid within the said time limit if the original borrower fails to do so.
    • The gross income of the loan applicant must be in accordance to the amount of loan being asked for, as the bank analyses the repayment capacity and continuity of the applicant.
    • From the time the loan is provide and up to the time it is paid back, the bank might ask to keep the original ownership documents in their custody
    • Also in certain banks, insurance of the house as well as the applicant is set as a prerequisite for home-loan application.
    I hope this information helps.


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