Q. What is the purpose of children's education?

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What is the purpose of children's education?






Jan, 2018

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  • edenhazard312

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  • jamesnew4789

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  • smithsera88

    If we think of education, the first thing we think of is access to information. According to British essay writers uk, education plays an important role, it gives people knowledge, skills, technology and information and enables them to understand their rights and responsibilities towards their families, society and the country.


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  • kiaazad

    To transfer our information to the next generation, it is the purpose of life to transfer information, be it a genetic set, a set of skills or books and hard drives.
    schools however, have a different purpose, schoold are a tool to beat our children into obedient servants of the govenment.


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  • shrenu

    There are many objectives for educating a child.
    Education can shape a person’s future.
    It can bring awareness regarding our creation, existence and future.
    It is responsible for making this world a better place.
    Evolutions do not happen in a day; facts, theories and knowledge is further extended and keeps being modified, education plays a key role in evolution.
    Likewise, without education our kids might be misguided so it is very necessary.


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  • sguenther40

    Is this a serious question? education is the key to the mental development of an individual. education also enables one to, in the long term, produce a greater level of value for others by being able to offer a skill that has a negative elasticity of demand. Education is important for an individual to be able to learn more about what interests him or her so that they can develop into the person that they are meant to be.


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