Q. Is abacus faster than calculator?

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Is abacus faster than calculator?






Feb, 2018

Accepted Answer
  • khushi

    Abacus is also known as a counting frame and it is very famous for its utilities.
    It comes in different designs that have a bead frame consisting of beads divided into distinct sections.
    It is very easy to reset the counting frame as the beads can smoothly move with a slight push.
    It is said that using abacus can help you improve comprehension in math.
    It can strengthen one’s problem-solving skills and sharpen the memory and also increase confidence in math.
    On the contrary, it takes a lot of room as compared to calculators; also it takes too long to calculate complex calculations.
    A calculator has numbers and signs printed over the buttons so there’s not much to learn in using a calculator whereas, the abacus is hard to learn.
    Using a calculator might inhibit your ability to do even basic calculations in your head or on paper so, that way using an abacus can help strengthen your ability to do mental calculations.
    But anyway, a calculator is faster than an abacus.


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