Q. Why is there always a quality difference between bollywood and hollywood movies?

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Why is there always a quality difference between bollywood and hollywood movies?

bollywood movies are good, film makers in bollywood spend a lot of money but cant match the level of the hollywood films, in most of the ways, like VFX, Locations, and others,WHY ???






Jan, 2018

  • future

    It’s important to note that comparing Bollywood and Hollywood Click Here can be difficult as they are very different industries with their own unique characteristics. However, in terms of production values, there are several factors that contribute to the perceived difference in quality.

    Firstly, Hollywood has been producing movies for over a century, while Bollywood is a relatively new industry in comparison. This means that Hollywood has had more time to perfect its craft and develop advanced techniques and technologies for filmmaking.

    Secondly, Hollywood movies often have much larger budgets than Bollywood movies. This allows for the use of more advanced equipment and technology, as well as the hiring of top-tier actors, directors, and other professionals.

    Thirdly, Hollywood movies are often made with a global audience in mind, whereas Bollywood movies tend to cater primarily to the Indian market. This means that Hollywood movies are often made with higher production values to appeal to a wider range of viewers.

    Finally, it’s important to note that the concept of “quality” is subjective and can vary from person to person. While Hollywood movies may be perceived as having higher production values, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are inherently better than Bollywood movies. Both industries have their own unique strengths and styles, and ultimately, it’s up to individual viewers to decide which movies they enjoy the most.


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  • famousbollywood

    Because Hollywood has spend too much money and they used too much animation on their films. Bollywood spend a less money in production or film making and they want to earn double or triple income from one film.

    And one of the biggest differnece is Hollywood actors are very good in acting and they make action films only. In Bollywood Crime or Mystery films are produced that is one of the reason of quality.


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  • clivehayes

    Money, always money.

    Certain films, nowhere cant compete with Hollywood. For example the big blockbusters like the Avengers series of films, or back in the day, The Lord of the Rings, or the Star Wars films, Hollywood has the money to produce films like this. However Crime films, thrillers, romance, film studios around the world should be able to compete with Hollywood, if they cant then the quality isn’t there in the writting, directing or acting.


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