Q. When i get a headache, i do headstand for few minutes & it works well for my headache, is it good?

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When i get a headache, i do headstand for few minutes & it works well for my headache, is it good?






Jan, 2018

Accepted Answer
  • ishaan

    I am no expert but still I’d like to say a few things.
    If you get a headache that can be because of reasons like common or complex diseases, stress or tension, and unhealthy habits.
    Depending on the severity of your headache you must decide if there is a need to visit a doctor or not.
    In case of severe and daily headache issues, a doctor must be consulted.
    Now let’s talk about your headstand trick.
    When a person does a headstand, due to the gravitational force the blood flow is directed to the brain and thus the brain receives more blood than it usually does.
    More blood means more oxygen supply.
    blood flow
    If your headache is due to some common issue then this trick can work for sure.
    Too much blood rush in the brain for a long time is also not advisable as our body is not accustomed to it so make sure you don’t rely on this trick if your headache comes back in some time.


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  • jefferson

    If you have continue headache, then surely you must seek doctor advices. Otherwise it may be not an issue.


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  • markwood321

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  • qhrehf1

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  • satyakam

    I don’t have any idea bro, but I must say, you shouldn’t do anything, first go visit a good Doctor.


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