Q. If i lift weights, will i get bigger muscles?

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If i lift weights, will i get bigger muscles?






Jan, 2018

  • cprarticles12345

    Yes you gain muscles but with that you have also take supplements like collagen powder, collagen supplements. If you want to know about it than visit our website.


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  • oliver

    your muscles in response to stress. heavy weights are one of the ways to introduce this stress and to encourage muscles growth. you can not go for just one heavy lifting session and hope to come out looking bigger and feeling stronger. muscles growth is a complex, gradual process that requires regular training.
    lifting weight repairs the muscles cells, triggering your body to repairs them. fast muscles grow also depends on your regular eating habits. everyday eating lot of mass gainer protein supplements and hard exercise like heavy weight lifting will helps you to get bigger muscles. it also depends on if the weight and traning are high enough to break your muscles fibers and geting enough protein in your body to recreat them. high body grow supplements and protein suppplement powder also be important to grow your muscles bigger and faster.....


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  • michaliocze

    Combination is the best way


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  • roman

    its all about the corect diet, to repair the muscle after a workout.
    to build muscle you need to be in a calorific excess, but it needs to be clean and the right diet of protein, carbs and fats.

    workign out will brun calories so will reduce fat and look leaner if youre in a calorific defecit.

    but you cannot workout and expect o put on muscle without the right diet and macros


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  • awad7

    It depends on if the weight and repetitions are high enough to break your muscle fibers and on if you get enough protein in your body to rebuild them.


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  • taap270

    Yes, but this is not in all cases.


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