Q. What is the difference between weight machines and free weights?

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What is the difference between weight machines and free weights?

both are weights technically, so why they are called differently ?






Feb, 2018

  • saleem

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  • hamido

    Weight machines is ideal for starters since you cant do surtain moves wich could result in an injury, also it is a good option if you are an advanced bodybuilder and want to use a large amount of weights, however there are some benefits in training with free weights such as targeting different muscles wich you dont use that much when using machine weights.
    The best way is to combine the two of them and do the first sets with machine weights and leave the free weights for the last sets because you want to start training the large muscles first wich needs a bigger amount of weight.
    When becoming an advanced fitnesser/bodybuilder you could start using free weights more but always keep your balance to avoid injurys especially the back/neck area. Hope this answer will do as an answer :)


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  • cryptodad

    basically - free weights in most of the cases target some main muscle groups and many minor (and even some major groups are trained as another side effect). for example - the squat will train not only many different leg muscles and gluteus but also core muscles that you need for stabilizing the posture during the exercise. at the machines that “side-effect” is more or less eliminated, because you are using the support and sometimes also limited range of movement - so it is kind of isolating target muscle groups (you cant isolate it 100%, but it is easier to isolate the muscle at machine). you can also isolate the muscle with free weights too, but it is harder to achieve.

    basically, if you start to exercise, it is better to use free weights purely. you will benefit from it on many sides and aslo - with machines there are risks in beginning especially, taht you can get some dysballancies that you will need to fix later.


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  • crypto.bit182

    machines are for Bodybuilders or specific rehabilitation of injuries
    free weights are for Weightlifters,Powerlifters, Strongmans , Crossfiters… (you train your body for daily homeworks: transporting things, grooving wood…)


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  • roman

    mahcines will isolate the target muscle better


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  • clivehayes

    Weight machines, there is no element of balance required to lift the weight so therefore easier to left.

    Free weights, balance is required, you have to lift the weight, but also balance the actual weight you are lifting, thus making it more difficult to lift.


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