Q. How many times should i bath to get free from any skin diseases?

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How many times should i bath to get free from any skin diseases?

usually i bath twice a day, should i bath more to avoid any kind of communicable diseases






Jan, 2018

  • cprarticles12345

    You have to take care of your skin and your health by taking healthy food and by taking supplements. If you want to knoe about it than visit our website


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  • usairling

    Bro.. Bathing is not its solution but you should take medicine under the guaidance of skin specialist. If you will bath multiple times so, its only remove the outer viruses from skil not inner viruses. So please consult with doctor..https://www.usairling.com


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  • Anonymous



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  • eshorameh

    Bath at least 3 times dailydaily


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  • dewayudha

    I think you can take a bath with 30 minutes times.


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  • crypto.bit182

    scientists recommend twice a week (unless you’re a chemist or surgeon …did not come into contact with blood, toxins).

    your body can beat many infections, diseases… unless you have an immune problem.
    if you have bath too often, you kill lots of helpfull organism.
    By removing any organisms on the skin you create your dependence on washing, your body really does not know how to fight bacteria…


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