Q. Do a person has to give special examinations to get a government job?

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Do a person has to give special examinations to get a government job?






Feb, 2018

Accepted Answer
  • vaibhavi

    Firstly one should find the job on the basis of their interest.
    The job requirements will also have some mandatory educational requirements that are needed to be fulfilled.
    Later you need to clear the said government exams; it might differ according to the job profile.
    Once after passing the theoretical level, one might also need to get through a personal interview.
    These steps might vary according to the job profile and the class of that job.
    All the information is mostly provided on the government job portals.


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  • virappan

    Every government jobs opportunity coms with a selection process. Most of the case recruitment authority organised a Exam for that, and some time just Innterview and personality test. Remember this is the main part for them toi recruit new canndidates
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  • kirti

    yes, most of the government jobs have an examination to clear before getting the jobs, there are different exams for different fields

    here is the link where you can find which exam you need to give for the following fields


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