Q. How to control pre interview stress?

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How to control pre interview stress?






Jan, 2018

  • cprarticles

    You’ve studied every possible interview question there is out there. You’ve researched the company backwards and forwards. You’ve been awaiting and preparing for this moment for what feels like years, and now it’s practically here.


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  • emilyb00

    Interview can be a stressful or anxious situation. The imagination of the question-answer session where you will be judged by your behavior, attitude, skills, and knowledge. It is quite common to feel this way. But too much stress can ruin your interview even though you are qualified. So, for a good interview it is important to work on how to stay calm in such situation. If you are prepared and confident enough then do not think much of the interview session. Whatever you know, answer in confidence otherwise nicely tell them that you are unaware of the topic or unsure. Just stay confident and focus on your attitude.
    Calm and healthy mind help in staying stress free. Try to stay active in the day of the interview. Have enough good sleep before the interview day. Eat light and healthy food as heavy and junk food can make you sleepy. It will help improving the brain activity and manage to stay calm and focused.
    There is also benefit of taking nootropic. Nootropic like Modafinil helps to stay active and energetic. It also found to be effective to manage stressful episodes. So, using nootropic can be helpful to stay stress free before your interview.


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  • keith

    There are many preparations that you can do to minimize your stress. However, a little anxiety isn’t a bad thing.
    - Take the time to really make yourself feel good by some or all of the following:
    - Exercise the morning of
    - Nice long shower or bath
    - Groom hair where needed
    - Eat a good breakfast
    - Meditate or something like it before you leave for the interview
    - Get your clothes ready the day before (Clean and pressed)
    - Shine your shoes
    - Looking your best will give you confidence all on its own
    - Do some investigative work on the company that you are going to interview with
    - What market the business is in
    - How long they have been in business
    - Who started the business and what is the mission
    - Who is their competition
    - What are the strengths and weaknesses of their business
    - What products and services they offer
    - Who are their customers
    - Have an aire of confidence but not cockyness
    - Walk into the room smartly and offer your hand for a shake (full and firm)
    - Speak loud enough, but not too loud
    - Look the interviewer right above his/her eyes, not into their eyes
    - Sit a little to the front of the chair with your back straight
    - And breathe
    - Make sure you know what position you are going for
    - Bring with you a copy of your resume’ and other personal documents (Drivers License or State ID, birth certificate, social security card, etc..)
    With these steps you should be somewhat stress free. Stess, anxiety or nervousness, all three words are very similar in meaning. Use these feelings to fule a great interview.


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  • pearljam

    I love to face interview. It is a very fantastic opportunity to impress the panel because this time you are invited by the panel and they are here to listen you.
    So you free to express all about the topic which is discussed in panel. If u feel stress, try to follow these advice whichh are mentioned here in short pointwise :

    1. Sleep well–two nights before. It will help to make you calm and relax.

    2. Get there early–but not too early. Rushing, getting lost, and the fear oft being late all provoke anxiety.

    3. Eat light, yet be nourished. A little starch keeps your sugar level in check and your stomach from growling. A good standby is half of a protein bar and water. It’s not exciting, but it helps keep hunger in check. You never know how long an interview will last, so always have a bite to eat before heading in.

    4. Schedule interviews in the morning. Get stressful things out of the way early. That leaves less time for negative thinking. This tip also holds true for dentist and doctor appointments.

    5. Be (over)prepared. Know what interview questions you will be asked and be prepared to state your salary requirements. Hold mock interviews with friends and family.

    6. Take the day off. With an average of 13 vacation days a year and only a handful of sick days, today’s workers are reluctant to let go of any paid time off. But worrying about traveling to two offices, changing your outfit, and lying all create stress. Treat yourself to the full day off and use the remaining time to send a thank you letter or look for other job opportunities.

    7. Ask when a decision will be made. A frequent source of stress is interviewing for a job and never hearing back. Do your best to gather as much information as possible and ask when a decision will be made. It’s a fair question, so don’t be bashful. Remaining relaxed during a job interview will give you the confidence to sell yourself properly and earn a job offer.


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  • huitemae

    The best way to control interview stress is to learn to enjoy the process. make it a celebration. all the work you have done before the interview (study, work, learn more etc) has led up to your future employer wanting to interview you. it is worth celebrating that! In addition, you should think of it as a two way street. employers also need to convince you that they are the right people to work for. be critical and honest with them and make sure they know that you want to asses whether they should be part of your next move.


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