Q. Is it necessary to have a skill to get a good job?

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Is it necessary to have a skill to get a good job?






Feb, 2018

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  • emily

    An employee must have the required skill set in accordance with the job designation and the responsibilities affiliated with it. You can get a job if your profiles suffice each prerequisite of the opening and the continuity and growth of your job will be based on your performance. One cannot perform well without skills. The definition of good and bad can be different for different people, but according to me before finding a job one must look into their self and find what they are good at. Then only after polishing the skills, one should start looking for a job.


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  • kiaazad

    no but it’s a part of the trio necessary to make money.
    the trio are skill, time and money.
    you can get a job that needs lots of time and little to no skill, like investing your money, or shop keeping.
    it all depends on the type of job you have in mind but I suggest learnning a skill because it’s the one that gives you the best result.


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