Q. Whats the single most important thing for a relationship to be successful?

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Whats the single most important thing for a relationship to be successful?

just a single thing which can be a key of a good love life






Feb, 2018

  • oladare

    when there is love in any relationship whereby the partners understand each other and apart from all these effective communication is also need to creat a btight and goid atmosphere but the spouse make a difference today


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  • thorty

    To me, the most important things are trust and communication. From a more objective perspective, studies have shown that distance is the greatest single determining factor in whether or not a relationship succeeds.


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  • markcalloway9011

    I think the communication between the realtionship plays very important role. No relationship is all smiles and sunshine; it is ought to have its own ups and downs. All of us really relish the thought of coming home every day to this one person we cherish the most but fail to handle the reality of it once you actually have the same routine. The most common problem that couples face is “communication gap”. Once you get into this routine where you know what the other is doing at a particular time, the relationship starts losing out its charm. It gets too predictable, and very monotonous, the talks get limited to the very basic and same questions every day, and the routine you so wished for, starts to feel a little stale. Read More: https://www.playbuzz.com/item/8a9d07c4-ea88-4185-b5bd-19bba33a2d6f


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  • pearljam


    In a single word : TRUST

    is most imp to maintain a long term relatioship. If trust is there.....Relationship is there generation after generation.


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  • carla

    Well, there are a plethora of things that came to my mind right now but the single most important thing mandatory for a relationship is honest communication. Both the partners must be open about their preference, ambitions and lifestyles. It becomes a lot more transparent and simple to be with each other when you converse well. Honest communication not just brings Transparency but also Trust and Respect. There should not be any secrets. The older the lie the deeper it will hurt. With honest and open conversations a lot of mutual problems can be solved. Before falling in love with each other you must know each other well, which is only possible if you communicate with your partner.


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  • virgo214

    Love is the reason itself. It springs to many different things that are relevant or necessary in a relationship.
    Simply say, when you LOVE, you CARE; when you LOVE, you RESPECT; when you LOVE, you COMMIT. :*


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