Q. What can evolution tell us about morality?

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What can evolution tell us about morality?






Feb, 2018

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  • selenaoh123

    The process of evolution itself is certainly not the ultimate source of morality. Evolution is only the process that encodes behaviors in our moral sense and cultural moral codes that increase the benefits of cooperation in groups—the apparent function of morality in human cultures subway surfers


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  • donparchami

    If you do believe in evolution then you must acceptthe fact that the word morality is human made. There is nothing in nature that shares our understanding of the world morality. If you a english speaking person goes to china and ask a random non english speaking person what morality is, then they wouldnt be able to answer you because the sound out of your mouth doesnt make any sense to them.

    what we can say is that morality hase evolved from us humans, we have put emotions and a way of life into this word.


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