Q. How is nature critical to a 21st century urban ethics?

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How is nature critical to a 21st century urban ethics?






Feb, 2018

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  • pearljam

    Sustainable land Ethics :
    Emerged from conserving, restoring, and managing nature.

    The prominent pioneer of this tradition, expressed as the land ethic. The land ethic is powerful because it includes humans as responsible and active members of the community of the land.

    Land ethics promote the “integrity, stability, and beauty of the biotic community.”

    Rachel Carson beautifully mentioned land ethics in her Silent Spring as a work of advocacy of the same. However, she actually writes from a foundation of both scientific knowledge and a subtle ethics. She also argues against the dominance of “economism,” or the hegemony of environmental decision making based primarily on money.

    Most of the urban ethical systems focus on social justice. That is, they assert the value of equal access to the benefits of urban life by persons of all social groups and economic classes.
    In this view, the “right to the city” is a radical phrase suggesting that all citizens should be involved in the processes of urban placemaking or settlements accordingly.
    Urban ethics also calls for not relegating marginalized or unempowered populations to the most vulnerable spaces in urban areas.
    Nature remains beyond the city limits in much of the thinking about urban ethics.
    The chasm between the land ethic and urban social ethics is both large and damaging.
    It assumes there is no nature in the city. The recognition of the richness of sometimes inconspicuous ecological functions in cities is Green Infrastructure by restoring ecological structures and processes desire for urban sustainability.
    Quality of life depends on sustainable balance jointly among ecological, social, and economic processes in improving the quality of life not only for people but also for nonhuman beings. Sustainability is, at its core, an ethical goal emerging from a fair political process, a goal that requires sound understanding of the role of nature—ecological structures and processes—in and around urban areas.
    A combined urban-natural ethic can have several benefits. Some of them are as below :
    1. Urban systems that incorporate natural processes and structures may be more attractive than those that lack or hide nature.
    2. Quality of life of urban residents—emerging from conditions that are less stressful, more restorative, less susceptible to disturbances, and less vulnerable to effects of climate change—is one outcome of an urban land ethic.
    3. Improved quality of life resulting from an urban land ethic can also reduce the pressure for unplanned urban spread and land conversion.
    4. Better understanding of the role of natural environmental benefits and vulnerabilities can enhance assessment of environmental inequities and thus promote environmental justice.
    So it seems clear that environmental alongwith land ethics is relevant to the urban realm, since cities, suburbs, and exurbs are hybrid social and ecological systems. In such places, environmental ethics complements the social ethics that have emerged from the social sciences, humanities, and social activism. However, an urban land ethic has yet to be articulated.


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  • keith

    Nature is critical for any century!

    Man is pretty resiliant to most conditions that nature throws our way. However, if the other cycles of life aren’t as resiliant to the conditions and can not adapt, then it can break enough cycles of life that can ultimately be our demise.

    Our life on earth is critical at all times. There are many dependancies in the cycles that keep us alive. Having said that, let us not forget the quality of life. It isn’t just to live that is important.


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  • moods

    Great question I beleive the world we are in today is the perfect testemant to what can happen we we see ourselves seperated from nature the level of expansion and destrucion we have caused as a race is disgusting granted it has come with many benifists luxry health care and cuality of life but to what cost Humans: Cause Of Extinction Of Nearly 500 Species Since 1900 here is the link http://www.techtimes.com/articles/64... we can stand to learn alot form this world and the nature we live in there has been a Generational decline in testosterone levels observed witch is conserning to me as a man we are also lossing touch with the natural our sense of smell and hearing and site is under constant attack especialy if you are in a city we as human need nature the smells the sights the sounds this keeps us connected to the world around us unlike todays world with the iphone tv computers all that good stuff constantly throwing Posative ions at us An excess of positively charged ions in your environment is believed to contribute to tiredness and a lack of energy, tension, anxiety and irritability. Positive ions in the air have even been investigated as a contributing factor for asthma and depression.In nature, positive ions are commonly formed by high winds, dust, humidity and pollution and are at their highest levels just before an electrical storm. This has been hypothesized as why so many people feel so uneasy before a storm and why respiratory problems are commonly reported at this time as well. https://negativeionizers.net/negativ...
    there are ways to help such as Himalayan salt lamps they produce negative ions. “Salt crystal is naturally hygroscopic, absorbing water molecules from the air. Negative ions are molecules with extra electrons. They’re odorless, tasteless, and invisible to the naked eye. When we find ourselves near mountains, beaches, and waterfalls, the freshness in the air is caused by the abundance of negative ions.https://healthyline.com/negative-ions-benefi... if you cant tell im a firm believer in getting back and staring close and connected to the world around us we have only come so far because of this great mother earth and it is this earth that has given us medicals building supplies and soo much more it has show us how the laws of nature work and has given us the greatest gift of consiousness something that is truely amazing when you think about it
    thanks for such a fun answer happy Answers lookforward for more to come


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