Q. Is it good to keep a bird as a pet?

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Is it good to keep a bird as a pet?






Jan, 2018

2 Answers
  • donparchami

    I am one of those persons who put my self in other positions firts so that i can relate to him/her or it. personally i would never keep a bird as a pet for the same reason i would never keep an formula one car in my garage. Both of them are made to be outdoors.


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  • pandora

    It has always been a matter of concern to think if any animal or bird should be kept as a pet, who actually deserve to live in their natural environment. But there are also some species of birds that are easily attackable. So for their protection and your pleasure you can keep them as pet birds


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  • mohsinkhan

    i love pets. they are faithful. birds also


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  • hizir

    Ben tüm hayvanların kendi doğasında özgür olmasına inanıyorum.


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PET-ables Furs in brown, white, and black; paws prints on the floor. Tiny, cuddly things you snuggle with; they make you happy. A famous quote says, "The character of a man is revealed by how he treats animals." Yet, not all animals can be treated well. Mosquitoes, cocroaches, rats, etc. - they are not pets but pests. Aren't you pro-life when you kill parasites?
Pets have been members of the family, may it be dogs, cats, fish, or birds. Name any animal that is 'pet-able', an animal that can be a pet. When you want to be a pet parent, do bear in mind this very thing: Be the person your pet thinks you are.

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