Q. Why do some people keep wild animals as pet ? is it allowed ? i need a tiger?

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Why do some people keep wild animals as pet ? is it allowed ? i need a tiger?






Jan, 2018

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  • pearljam

    I never want wild as pet.
    I am with nature. i follow the rules of nature. & I never make a part of those people who have their aspirations for their satisfaction on the cost of any living being.

    And if you do so, it will be a very huge mistake, because it will change the habitat. I never make a damn mistake.

    It will be as same as you would be migrated from your home, town, city to a solitare island in a large ocean …for the non-sense wish of any other person and there is no relation between both of you. And this will be done unwillingly with you.

    So, change your mind.
    Save Wild Life.
    Save Mother Nature.
    Save Planet.
    Save Humanity.


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  • justin

    keeping a pet can be to kill ones loneliness or sometimes it can just be the love for animals. Generally we see dogs, cats and turtles as pets but some fearless people choose to pet wild animals. It is quite dangerous to have animals whose behaviour cannot be predicted. There are different laws for owning a pet in different countries. If you wish to have a tiger you must check if the government of your country allows it. Also, a tiger needs facilitated habitation and adequate food to survive healthily, which according to me could be a little harsh on your pocket.


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