Q. How are virtual reality and augmented reality different from each other?

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How are virtual reality and augmented reality different from each other?






Jan, 2018

  • imogenwebb

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  • qohuwedu

    The virtual reality is much better than the augmented one. The thing is that augmented looks awkward and people can know its reality easily essay writing service reviews as we see other side of the virtual reality then a common people cannot recognize its reality.


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  • pearljam

    The major difference between AR & VR is as below :

    1. Augmented reality add something to the existing environment to enhance the real world, whereas virtual reality actually create an entirely new artificial world.
    2. Augmented reality needs the environment so just use a camera integrated in our devices such as Smartphone, tablets, PCs,. Virtual reality needs the opposite, a device which can fully isolate us in virtual world, this is, specific devices.
    3. Augmented reality is having more acceptance in formation and marketing field, whereas Virtual reality is better for videogames and other leisure options.


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  • mihbor

    Virtual Reality (like Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, etc) puts the user in a virtual environment that is unrelated to the physical environment the user is in.
    Augmented Reality (like Microsoft Hololens, Google Glass, Epson Moverio, etc) overlays virtual elements on top of the real environment.


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