Q. What is the battery capacity of mi electric scooter m?

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What is the battery capacity of mi electric scooter m?






Feb, 2018

  • naeem

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  • abdul_moiz

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  • sahil

    This electric scooter is having a battery of 7800mAh. The mileage depends on the road conditions where you are driving otherwise you can drive it for 30km. If you are searching for any type of scooter in Delhi you can visit https://nearbyall.com/delhi/autoserv... . Here you will find the locations within Delhi where you can find various location scooters. You can choose any location near you and go for a trial in the market. If it seems reasonable you can make a deal.


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  • antydot

    The 7800 mAh battery allows you to drive about 30 kilometers on a full charge. In the modification Mijia Electric Scooter M187 uses a less capacitive battery (5200 mAh), so the mileage of the product is limited to 20 kilometers.


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  • and1514

    7800 мАч


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