Q. Can anyone help me to build a grappling gun just like the one batman has?

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Can anyone help me to build a grappling gun just like the one batman has?

i know its impossible to build the same gun which can pull me from ground to a 10 storey high building, but a simple one which can just throw the grappelin






Feb, 2018

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  • kiaazad

    there are several problems that you must solve for a working grapple gun:
    - you need a strong but thin rope that can fit inside the gun when coiled
    - the graple must open when you tug the rope
    - the gun must be able to use small compressed air megazines to shoot the graple
    - thegun needs a strong electric motor with some gears to be able the retract the rope

    it should be possible depending on how functional you want it to be.
    how much work have you don on it by now?


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  • morganlee

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  • batbane

    you can built it, nothing is impossible, but how will you pull it back once attached in a wall or a building or a poll ?


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