Q. What will change the mentality of the people accused for child abuse and other crimes?

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What will change the mentality of the people accused for child abuse and other crimes?

i feel ashamed of the people who commit crimes like chi and animal abuse, how can we stop this ?






Jan, 2018

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  • avery

    I wish we had a defined and accurate answer for this then there would be no crime in this world.
    The people that have the ability to kill or abuse other living creature are not worthy to be called humans.
    Still, if there’s something that can stop them from doing such crimes is fear of punishment.
    Some countries, which I wouldn’t want to name, have laws that are so strict that the people fear to even think about doing a crime.
    Most of the criminals commit inhuman activities because they know that there’s no one to stop or punish them.


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  • kiaazad

    there’s not much we can do to change those people and their personality, its in their genes and their upbringing. I observed and studied few of these people over a long period of time, and didn’t see much of improvement in them, they got more crafty and resourceful as they got older.
    all we can do is keeping an eye out and watch for children, write and enfource the laws to pervent them and try to bring the next generation with the correct values


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