Q. How can human trafficking be reduced?

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How can human trafficking be reduced?

this is one of the very serious problems of every country






Feb, 2018

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  • hizir

    Bu işin devlet güvenlik sistemlerinin koordineli çalışmaları ile minimize edileceğine inanıyorum


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  • kiaazad

    the answer is simple: make it legal to leave the country as an inforced human right.
    most of human traffic issue is due to closed boarders and the governments hellbent to keep their people under their domination.
    obviously some people don’t want to live under the domination of a corrupt government and try to leave and since leaving doesn’t sit well with their government they have to resort to human trafficers.
    there exist situations that people are trafficed against their will, that too is a direct result of an incompetent government.


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