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Programming Languages?

I want to be a software developer, what is the best programming language to start with?






Mar, 2018

  • josephmartin115

    Programming languages differ in terms of how simple they are to learn, how quickly they execute commands, and how expressive their syntax allows them to be. Learning a new programming language might be challenging, but it is well worth the effort because it will allow you to handle complicated problems more easily.


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  • tomweber

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  • glorianray

    I this C And then C++. I thing these languages are easy then java so I thing you should start easy firts. I am looking for homework market review site. If you know any site where I can get it then please let me know.


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  • drizztdourden123456789

    Java. Then some framework - depends what you want to develop or will need to develop in the future.


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  • mefjiu

    The PHP language is relatively easy to learn. There are quite a lot of frameworks on it.


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  • kiaazad

    My opinion is: once you learned one, you learned all, however, which language you’ll going to need depends on what you want to develope and on which platform, I would suggest java because smarthphone apps are booming right now and the native language of android is java.


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  • karmesh

    Start with C

    I suggest you should start with C, which is the mother of all programming languages. Get a very good command over the basic and advanced concepts and then make a transitional shift to Python. Python will take your development journey forward whereas C will help you build a good base.


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