Q. Which topics do you believe will be the biggest magnets to attract users and generate content to an?

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Which topics do you believe will be the biggest magnets to attract users and generate content to an?

I really think that the Qurito platform will create the most value if it focuses on educating the masses about how to interact with blockchains and cryptocurrencies. I believe that once the Ethos platform is developed and becomes adopted by the masses, many of those people (young people and especially the older people who may not be as technologically inclined) will have a multitude of questions that they would like to ask. I think that having other sections where other topics are discussed does not really add tremendous value. Additionally, the platform’s focus on educating individuals about the blockchain and cryptocurrency environment, is an excellent strategic fit in relation to the mission of the Ethos project. Perhaps a future partnership with Ethos will be of long term strategic importance, especially since Shingo is an advisor to the project.

This is only my humble opinion. I of course do not know in what manner the Qurito team is planning on developing this project. I do however want this project to succeed.






Mar, 2018

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  • lenabmj

    I believe there will be huge increase of intrest in predicting the trends for future, thus more interest in Astrology.


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  • awad7

    I think topics most people have questions about, so by googling the question Qurito comes up as a suggestion.

    And one can open a topic when you see their is more curiosity about that particular topic. For example if their are political developments at the time, then political topics will be a great idea.


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