Q. How can the Qurito platform develop a brand image that is pertinent to the markets that it targets?

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How can the Qurito platform develop a brand image that is pertinent to the markets that it targets?

A major objective of the Qurito platform is, naturally, to create a brand image that resonates with the target market(s) that it pursues. What kinds of segmentation styles will the Qurito platform utilize to segment the market? What is the mix like between older aged individuals who may really have a tough time wrapping their heads around how to interact with blockchain technology cryptocurrencies and a group of younger individuals with a similar problem? I think that segmenting the market behaviorally, based on the possible common confusion about what blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are, in an empowering manner may be a great asset to the mass adoption of the platform in the long run.






Mar, 2018

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