Q. Where did all the QURO coins go?

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Where did all the QURO coins go?

I Have been on Coinexchange for some time and i have to say, the supply has been really low throughout. This has made accumulating it rather difficult at times as you cannot really make large buys without causing a small pump.

Where did all these QURO coins go? Do all of you beta testers have and hold (hodl) them?






Mar, 2018

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  • chris

    For what I can see actually Qurito is not really active. Meaning lot of people are probably trying the website, make few tokens and leave until more people will be around and the ecosystem more vibrant. That’s what happened with Quora too, at first there was only few people trying the platform here and there, not sticking with it .... until the knowledge database was strong enough to retain enough people. And more people are on the website more people it attract.


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  • mefjiu

    I’m holding 18K


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