Q. Is it good to give your child a mobile phone at very young age?

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Is it good to give your child a mobile phone at very young age?






Mar, 2018

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  • awad7

    No, I think it isolates them while they need a lot of social interaction to develop them as a person.


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  • cebnerders

    Most of the parents want to make their children smart, educated and tech savvy even at a very young age. This urge of changing the traditional ways is due to some reasons as well as some myths that are being circulated in society. However, many experts argue that it is not good to give your child a https://studydemic.com/liahelp-com-r... mobile phone at very young age because it could disturb his concentration.


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  • clivehayes

    Depends on what you mean by very young. Children will be the engineers of the future, so I believe they need to be exposed to technology(with some restrictions on internet access etc.), so for them to use a phone, they will see the issues that we become accustom to, for example, short battery life. Lets hope the engineers of the future(todays kids) will develop a long last phone battery.


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