Q. How do we know we all see the same colours?


How do we know we all see the same colours?

How do I know when I see green it is the same as everyone else is seeing. I know its green because I was told its green. How do I know someone else isn’t seeing a different colour, and they were just told that that is green?? We can touch things to tell the difference, but colour is what we’ve been told, we cant touch to tell the difference, or is it??






Apr, 2018

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  • kiaazad

    before we can swap parts, brain, eyes and nerves on a big scale, doing an accurate study is not feasible, but if the eye receptures are the same in everybody, any difference is limited to the brain and how it interprets the singnals it receives from the eyes.
    the colors are the same to most people’s eyes, to their brains, we can’t be sure.


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  • Anonymous

    In particular, people may not see all the same colors when they look at the same things. These scientists believe that color perception may not be predetermined like many have believed for hundreds of years. … Most people have three different photoreceptors in the backs of their eyes that perceive red, green and blue.


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