Q. How probably do you see cryptocurrencies replacing fiat currencies?


How probably do you see cryptocurrencies replacing fiat currencies?






Apr, 2018

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  • clivehayes

    In order to replace fiat currencies, some sort of regulation is needed on the crypto market. There is far too many scams going on in the crypto space for it to really break into the mainstream. From scam sights posing as sales reps for Bitmain, to rubbish ICO’s to exit scams! Something needs to be done to clamp down on these opportunists first.


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  • hishak

    Not in the near term. They need to become less volatile (through more regulation?) and easier for the average person to own and use. The underlying infrastructure (blockchain) needs to mature to be able to support higher speeds and the distrubuted apps (cryptocurrencies) need to be part of a more secure ecosystem. This will cut down on theft and scams. Still a long way off from most people feeling they are safe and a good store of value.


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  • kirti

    crypto currencies should be BAN


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One among the 700 other, is the bitcoin, which was the first ever of its type. Bitcoin is a form of cryptocurrency that is not regulated by the government. Cryptocurrency is a market that is nearly a decade old and in its early stage. There can be many benefits of using a cryptocurrency but along with that comes the risk involved, that one must not forget to consider. It is believed, "like the internet, bitcoin will change the way people interact and do business around the world".

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