Q. Whats the cleanest way to produce energy?


Whats the cleanest way to produce energy?






Apr, 2018

  • pmahajan18

    Non conventional and renewable sources of energies are the clean sources of energies.


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  • pearljam

    There are many ways to produce clean energy. Some of them are as below :

    1. Solar Energy
    2. Hydro Energy
    3. Geo-thermal Energy
    4. Wind Energy
    5. Bio-methanation

    But, the important point is to raise awareness towards Environment. The harmful effect oif fossil energy to the ecosystem and all the living organisms. Ut produce imbalance in naturtalk ecosystem.

    So, there should be awareness programme or campaign to spread the allocation of clean energy so, it can substitute a sum part of fossil energy and save the planet.


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  • moods

    How we doing Great question i myslef have been wondering this for the past few years my job inteial helping homes and comercial buildings go solar. my top 4 are Waves, Solar, Wind and Nuclear all have benifits along with disadvantages
    1 Waves this is still a fairly new thecnolagy and has yet to become even close to mainstream use but posses the cheapest energy to produce as it uses the natural motion of the waves to creat kenetic energy into electricity and production is much less harmfull to the environment. this use of waves can potentialy create enough electricity to run the world the problem is the infustrucure needed to transfet this electricity efficiantly if you didnt know we lose almost a third of our electricity from the power plant to our house this is where 2 Solar has a great trasnfer of solar energy from your rooftop or groundmount derictly into your home this is comeing closer and closer to main stream adoption i believe this is our best bet to turn away from fossil fuels we are at Grid Parody witch mean it is the same or cheaper to use solar over fossile fuels witch is exiting when you consider we are only getting about .001% of our energy from the sun where in 1 hour of a day there is enough sunlight hitting the earth to run this planet 10x down side is the process to store this energy in harmfull batteries. thech is getting better each day but we are not fully there yet. # Wind is another great option but has the same problems as wave energy thech its not windy everywhere is a clear problem as for expense you would need multiple wind turbines to run your home and this can be very expensive the financing is not there yet so its up to the big players to build wind farms 4 Nucler is a great option as well but so much bad poblicity and news along with a general lack of knolwedge from our comunity idk the cost to start but chance for potential harm is huge along with the rate we are using energy and producing emmisions it can take around 17 Years to get all the pemits and construction done for one nucler power plant and we would need a good amount of these to run our planet witch i believe we dont have that kind of time with CO2 levels hitting all time highs glaciar melt off and water levesls rising our best bet in my opionin is Solar but i would Really love to see Wave Thech catch up to the curve i hope this has helped have a great day i want to be honest the numbers i was throwing around are not exact but are more or less a pretty close to the truth happy Questions look forward to more answers


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  • kiaazad

    it all depends on how do you plan to use this energy, if you want to be able to use it as electricity, wind, water and waves are the cleanes options, if you need heat, obviously sunshine is the cleanes.
    I considered the materials needed to harvest these energies and in my opinion solar pannels aren’t as efficient as hydro electric yet, because they need lots of materials and energy to produce.


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  • mefjiu

    You can still build a water power plant. :-)


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  • kirti

    windmill, solar panels, etc can be used to produce clean and free energy, if you have enough place to put windmills of solar panels


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Energy comes in many different forms and the Sun is the primary source for most of the living things in the planet. Without energy, living is not possible. Kinetic energy is what a car needs when it is moving. The energy in our body helps our bones, muscles, brain and organs function. This means that without energy that we get especially from food and water, it is not possible for a human being to be able to interact with the physical world. The electricity that is available to use in houses, factories and headquarters and other establishments now comes in various types. Solar panels help convert the heat from the Sun to energy to use to illuminate many houses and establishments. This is another way to make use of energy in a much wiser way. By far, this is one of the best methods for energy conservation.

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