Q. Anyone any ideas on reducing electricity bill?


Anyone any ideas on reducing electricity bill?

Looking for some ideas on reducing Electricity bill, other than the standard turning the light off?






Apr, 2018

  • haliabarda

    Hi all! With real-time access to gas prices in their area, users can make informed decisions about where to fill their tanks. This opportunity is provided by the Gasbuddy mobile application, which has gained great popularity. You can read more about the application on the company’s website, and if you still have questions, you don’t need to look for gasbuddy customer service number you just need to write them an email, and they will be happy to answer all your questions.


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  • moods

    Great question i am happy to help this is really plain and simple answer Go Solar powur.com/shane.moody/getsolar the price for solar has decrease almost 100% since the mid 1980s and the effincicy has grown expponetialy due to Pads Law of technology i am an Independant Powur advisor i have been helping homeowners and comercial reach their goals of good clean cheap energy we have hit grid parody witch means it is cheaper if not the same price to go solar solar finacing has made huge strides you can start today for ZERO down Zero upfront cost ill tell you right now you can get a 30% deduction with your solar instulation but it gets better you will lock in your price of electricity for the next 20 years ! when our utilitys are increasing at a rate of 4-6% nationally each year you can hedge your bet if you could lock in your price per gallon of gas today you would right? yes of course your utility bills is esentaily renting for the long haul with solar you add equity to your home avrage 10 thousand its the best home improvment you can do for Return on Investment and your home will sell faster if thats a derection you might be heading for down the road. There are many other incentives and benifits in your own region you can check see if you are in an area prime for solar savings here Powur.com/shane.moody/getsoalr it takes the avrage home owner 7 years to pay off there solar instulation then you essentially have no bill after that great right be one of the people who is going solar ever y 4 min in the USA Great answer had a blast hope you can reach you goal happy question lookforward for more to come


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  • mefjiu

    The cheapest electricity is at the transformer where you do not have to pay for the transmission of energy which costs 50% of the cost of the request.


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  • sguenther40

    The most banal answer is simply to use less electricity. Contrarily,t, the more developed answer is to possibly consider investing in a renewable energy production source such as solar panels. such an investment in the long term can help reduce your electricity bills, especially if you can tokenize the excess electricity that you produce and sell it to those who demand it.


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