Q. What is trade war betweem USA and China?

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What is trade war betweem USA and China?

I am qurious to know what will be the impact and take away of Trade war between USA and China. Why actually it started and at what extend it will drag global economy?






Apr, 2018

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    A trade war is when a country imposes tariffs or other barriers on imported products, prompting other countries to retaliate by implementing similar taxes or penalties.

    Trump has actually already declared a “trade war” by calling for tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, says Manuel Perez-Rocha, an Associate Fellow of the Institute for Policy Studies. “What we can expect our trade partners to elicit legal challenges under WTO [World Trade Organization] rules and start retaliation against American exports,” he told Fortune.

    1. Fortune (Here’s What You Need to Know about Trump’s Trade War)


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