Q. Why in the world anyone would use Qurito instead of Quora?


Why in the world anyone would use Qurito instead of Quora?

Quora is way batter than your platform.

Please explain.

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Apr, 2018

  • billionpraiz

    soon its going to be the most used website in the world cus everyone wants to make money


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  • 9lives

    Qurito offers a monetary incentive on top of having couple other features Quora doesn’t (such as polls) but I’d agree Quorito needs way more development before it could realistically start attracting more users from Quora.


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  • cryptodad

    I think the qurito will mainly get the users because of the earning cryptocurrency. Actually, this can be a game changer for many services that in “old model” use the users to generate content but earn just themselves and do not give some part of the profit back to community. Yes, in terms of design, number of users and usefullness right now it is no way it can be better than Quora. But in long term, it can be definitelly better.

    btw: one of the reasons that from time to time the new project succeed is the “smallness”. the bigger the projects are, the more they tend to rise, hire more people and make complicated rules and processes (on the corporate level). they lost the starting flexibility and to make some buig change can be a really hard. the small project can make that really fast and with quickier progress they can win (you can see that in many examples in history, especially in technologic sphere).


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  • ronnie

    Why would you write a lengthy answer at Quora, when you get absolutely nothing in return? It’s just a waste of effort and time. Here at Qurito, not only it’s very informative to read and exciting to answer questions and polls, you get a monetary reward in return. It’s very enticing to participate here rather than in Quora!


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  • kirti

    I think you havent read the introduction of qurito on its official website qurito.io, i suggest you first of all read the website, the
    whitepaper. Second thing is quora has a very simple platform and doesnt offer many interesting and useful features like Polls, Qflow etc which you will only find at QURITO. The main thing QURITO is offering is rewards (quritos / quros) which will be keep on increasing as your questions or answer or poll gets popular. You wont find a platform like QURITO somewhere else hence people in the world ARE using and Will use QURITO on their daily basis instead of quora.


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  • kiaazad

    it’s all about money, I’m not sure if quora has any payment plan for those who spend time answering others, qurito has.


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