Q. Dont try to remember and you wont forget?

Dont try to remember and you wont forget?

If you didnt actually try to remember something would you have forgotten it?

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Apr, 2018

  • mohsinkhan

    my first love 😭


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  • pearljam

    Alphabets of English Language from A to Z
    Mathematical Numbers from 0 to 9.


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  • kirti

    i think yes, if we dont try to remember anything, we forget it. I have experienced that many people dont remember their own childhood, their childhood friends, their old homes etc, because they dont remember it once its gone. with me its a different case, i remember my childhood and old days gone very well cz i keep on remembering the old memories, my childhood days, my school, my friends, etc.
    It has happened with me many times that i met my childhood friends whom i know very clarly but they dont even remember my name.
    i thing remembering is better then forgetting. so keep remembering things and have old and gold memories with you until you re alive.


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Each of us has his own philosophy in life. We live by those terms every day. The world is full of mysteries and questions like life does. In the never ending search for the meaning of life and how to deal with it, many philosophers seek knowledge to give us an answer. A part of philosophy explains an invisible bond shared by everyone in this world. Simply saying that whatever you do affects someone around you. It sounds more like a story in a movie but, yes philosophy is always applied in it. It's a broad topic to begin with and the simple philosophy to live by is to always choose the brighter side.

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